YA: The Tone of the Heart About Lotus-Blessings

"The Heart resembles a lotus... know that to be great habitat of the whole Universe." [Brahmo Upanishad]

Purpose of Lotus-Blessings: Compassion - my name Ruth
I have been a seeker of the truth from the very first memory I have in this lifetime. I knew that my name, Ruth Angela meant "Angel of Mercy." It was very important to me that it be so clear, for my childhood seemed a maze of distortions and dramas to test everything I knew to be truth. My name always reminded me of my destiny.

I have been on the journey of seeking "something" transcendent not just in this life but through all my lives. Because of great teachers I have met at some level in my life: Jesus (my childhood companion), Swami M. *Trademarked,Name Bhagwan N.*Trademarked, Swami C. *Trademarked , Gangaji, and Ramana Maharshi through books, and Quan Yin and Yogananda and Shri Yukteshwar (in the higher worlds), to name a few, I have been lead patiently to the very place where everything began... my own inner being.

Though I am not established there, the fact that I experienced it... even for seconds, is sufficient to say I am forever changed. What a great mystery to reach this place and look back at the journey to get there and say, "I did not need to go on that journey?" Yet at the same time, without the journey it would not have been possible to understand that I did not need it. The paradox of that stops the mind.
Stopping the mind is what it is all about.. . it is the mind/ego that keeps us focused on the "outside" activities while inside the heart we dwell patiently and silently in eternity.

I made this web site and these messages for YOU who also seek to penetrate that paradox and know the other side of it. I got a great deal of help. My guru and his guru are inestimable beings of such vast love and transcendence that it is impossible to describe. He gave us this statement to ponder. "Your God dwells within you AS you." This is the glimpse I was shown.
This is the truth.
Blessings upon all who visit Lotus-Blessings.
Here are some testimonials from various types of healing work that I have done.

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