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Books List : Compiled by Ruth Angela

In alphabetical sequence: Some will link directly to Amazon.com
  • Bailey, Alice A. Education in the New Age A mystic who writes of her guru's teachings (Dwaj Khul The Tibetan) regarding the new age of Aquarius and how education will be conducted. Concern with planetary civilization that will help us step in the next level of our evolution. Order here.
  • Bentov, Y. Stalking the Wild Pendulum Order here. An AMAZING text on the way that consciousness enters the human form. This book should be in every thinking person's library. This showed me answers to how time can seem to go "backwards" sometimes.
  • Capra, Fritjof Tao of Physics , Order here. Uncommon Wisdom: Conversations with Remarkable People This book shaped a whole generation to the wisdom of Zen and Quantum Physics.
  • Carey, Ken The Third MillenniumOrder here. Return of the Bird TribesOrder here. All inspiring and uplifting. These are channeled from a pure source and 20 years later, the wisdom is still dripping off the pages.
  • Chaney, Robert G., Unfolding the Third Eye Order here. A mini book, with a lot to share.
  • Chinmoy, Shri Kundalini the Mother Power Here Perhaps the most grounded view of the Goddess and the role of sexuality with Kundalini out there.
  • Chopra, Deepak, anything by him is valuable. The Return of Merlin, Order Here The Way of the Wizard etc. Most people understand Deepak to be illumined. He is warm and calming, all signs of a great soul.
  • Clow, Barbara Hand any of her books The Pleiadian Agenda,Order here. Heart of the Cristos etcOrder here. This writer has a foot in other worlds and other times of human history. Through her books, I have learned to heal past lives in distant times such as Lemuria that can still affect one today. She has taught me to trust my deep inner resources.
  • Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly The Evolving SelfOrder here A little too academic for me.
  • DeRohan, Ceanne The Right Use of Will: Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body. Now available at Amazon.com. A Classic channeled work that has stood the test of time. Many follow these books almost cult-like but with justification. They answer many unknowns about why the world is the way it is and squarely put us into the cosmos. Order here.
  • Eisler, Riane The Chalice and the Blade Order here. It's a classic on the role of religions through history.
  • Engler, Robt. The Way of No Thinking trans. from the prophecies of Kunihiro Yamate. Excellent concise and clear understandings of the world that is coming based upon the signs that are already here. Clear analysis of the future world and how the youth today are ready to meet this future, but older folks must change. It is all coming true. Order from Amazon.com
  • Essene, Virginia and Sheldon Nidle, You Are Becoming a Galactic Human Earth's history /herstory and the Photon Belt. Order from Amazon.com Very informative but very OUT THERE for some people.
  • Frissell, Bob Nothing in this Book is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are The planetary changes, the UFO situation, the Mars monuments and sacred geometry explained for everyman. Order here. Everything he has written about seems to be accurate...thus IT IS TRUE..even if rather shocking. Reveals humanity's history that has been hidden and explains a lot about why the whole Solar System is being shaken up. Has a source through Babaji.
  • Fuller, Simon Peter, Rising out of ChaosOrder here. Has a lot of information at Glastonbury and sacred geometry and the changing role of Britain in Christian history.
  • Goleman, Daniel, Emotional Intelligence A classic text for the other side of the brain.
  • Grof, Stanislav with M. L. Valier Human Survival and Consciousness Evolution, & With Hal Zina Bennett The Holotropic Mind. Stan is the founder of the Spiritual Emergency Network for those in the throes of Kundalini Awakening out of control. Incredibly valuable contributions to modern understanding of Kundalini and mental pathologies.
  • Grof, Stanislav and Christina Grof Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis Order here.
  • Harman, Willis Ed. New Metaphysical Foundations of Modern ScienceOrder here. A classic MUST read for every person educated too much in academics or science.
  • Harner, Michael, The Way of the Shaman Order here. This book has revelations that may not be obvious at first glance. However, I put it high on my list of books for those exploring the other dimensions of human existence revealing a secret that will probably leave the reader changed for ever.
  • Hawkins, David R. M.D., Ph.D. Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior Order here. I met David in Sedona in Oct.05 and found him to be like a true enlightened being. He is humorous, warm and human, not too serious, full of mirth and glee, yet willing to devote himself to the research of the human condition for all of us. His research bridges the gap between science and human nature. He gives us a way to make sense of the the world. Powerful work which marks a true turning point up for human beings.
  • Hayden, Tom, The Lost Gospel of the Earth: A Call for Renewing Nature,Spirit & Politics I have yet to read this one but it comes highly recommended.
  • Hurtak, J.J. The Keys of Enoch This and his research into the pyramids of Egypt make him join this list. He has uncovered truths that had been lost for thousands of years through his work with sound and light.
  • Janis, Sharon, Secrets of Spiritual Happiness A Friend and colleague from Siddha Yoga who has followed the path and brings comfort along the way to others. Order here.
  • Jaxon-Bear, Eli Ed. Wake Up and Roar Vol.2: Satsang with H.W.L. Poonja Poonjaji is the inheritor of the Ramana Maharshi lineage which is now continued through Gangaji The words of TRUTH spring off the page. Beware: Do not read unless you intend to wake up. Otherwise it will make you very uncomfortable.
  • Kaku, Michio and Jennifer Thompson: Beyond Einstein: The Cosmic Quest for the Theory of the Universe Order here. Even laymen can follow this information. It is very well edited for clarity and readability. Excellent way to find out about our Cosmic makeup.
  • Kuhn, T.S. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
  • Marciniak, Barbara , Family of Light Order here. Reaches to the cosmic role of man.. but may be a little too off-planet for some.
  • Muktananada, Swami The Perfect RelationshipOrder here This book gives one the way to know the truth in easily assimilated segments.
  • ---. The Play of Consciousness which is the Biography of Muktananda should be on every serious spiritual seeker's book list. We hear of the trials that a true Yogi must endure to attain the highest state of God. Not for the borderline mystic. Not for those who are curious. This book is for the serious spiritual seeker. Realization of God is possible only through a Guru. Illuminated with knowledge, the Guru is a descendant of Parabrahma. We should acquire the sublime grace of such a Guru, for until the Kundalini Shakti is awakened by the Guru's grace, our inner light does not shine, the inner eye of divine knowledge does not open, and our state of bondage cannot be lifted. - Swami Muktananda
  • Muktananda, Swami Paramahansa Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri Order here Muktananda explains the wonder of his guru.
  • Murphy, Michael The Future of the Body: Explorations into the Further Evolution of Human Nature I have not read this, but it is on my list.
  • Narby, Jeremy The Cosmic Serpent:DNA and the Origins of Knowledge Order here Outstanding work on the connection between the snake of Kundalini and the DNA spiral. This connects the indigenous peoples of our planet to our scientists of today and reveals the knowledge held by the ancient people is in fact, way beyond what we can even evaluate yet. A thinking person's text for sure.
  • O'Leary, Brian Ph.D. Miracle in the Void A friend and earnest advocate for Free Energy. The book is illustrated beautifully by his Goddess and partner, Meredith Miller who has envisioned the new Planetary Goddess GAIA Order here. Heart warming but also sad for the message of waste and disappointment that the environmental disasters that we are now dealing with as a planet, were all foreseen and could have been forestalled by the use of technology and knowledge that was offered, but scorned.
  • Rinpoche, Sogyal The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying Order here This book will change your outlook on everything. Excellent meditation instructions and down to earth help for dealing with life as a spiritual being.
  • Royal, Lyssa and Keith Priest The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic HeritageOrder here. OUT THERE... the analysis of our cosmology and history since human life left the explosion of LYRA. My own personal explorations and experiences tell me this has validity, but without that, I would think it was a fairy tale. Choose your reality... it really will not make much difference to the truth.
  • Russell, Peter The Global Brain Awakens the Future of man.
  • Sannella, Lee. M.D. The Kundalini Experience" Order here. First Western doctor to evaluate the Kundalini, study it, research it and try to help others to understand it as a legitimate phenomena.
  • Sheldrake, Rupert The Presence of the PastOrder here This explains Nature and how our world seems to be have been able to evolve.
  • Silburn, Lilian Kundalini: Energy of the Depths Order here.
  • Singh, Jaideva Vijnanabhairava or Divine Consciousness Order here. Full of incredible wisdom about WHO we are.
  • Sitchen, Zechariah The Twelfth Planet (Earth Chronicles Series )Order here. Read this and change your paradigms. You cannot ever be the same after reading his work. There is no dispute about the artifacts that he has found and how these could be interpreted to include a race of "gods" who may have "created" us like clones, and have been bossing us around and manipulating our fate for many thousands of years since... and may be about to do it again.
  • Steiner, Rudolf How to Know the Higher Worlds Order here. This is a Western guru who wrote in the era of WWII and became the counterbalance to Hitler. He wrote a little obscurely about the esoteric worlds, and became the founder of the now world wide school system called The Waldorf Schools. His influence over the education of thousands of children is immense. These are the children undamaged by present day ignorance of the full human being. These are world leaders, creative souls who live quietly here without fanfare, shaping the spiritual health of today's world.
  • Toben, Bob and Fred Alan Wolf, Space-Time and Beyond
  • Tolle, Eckhart The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Order here. This book has become everyone's Bible in the first years of the 21st Century. Live NOW.. BE in this moment for this is all you have, all you know, and all you can truly shape.
  • Walsch, Neale Donald Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue Books 1 and 2 & 3 (Strange, but profound wisdom)Order here.
  • Walsh, Roger, M.D. Ph.D and Frances Vaughan, Ph.D. Eds Paths Beyond Ego and Beyond Ego Order here. (Collected essays)
  • Wilber, Ken A Brief History of Everything, Order here No Boundary,Order here. The Atma Project Perhaps a living legend and living genius both. He is a MUST on any thinking person's list of books.
  • Wilhelm, Richard with a foreword by C.G. Jung The Secret of the Golden Flower: A Chinese Book of Life This book is incredibly simple but really for advanced spiritual students. It has captured in Chinese metaphor, the very essence of spiritual attainment. Order here.
  • Williamson, Marianne A Return to Love, A Woman's Worth This is a heartening book for men and women as it balances out the imbalance of gender in our age.
  • Yardley, Laura Kealoha TThe Heart of Huna Foreward by Tad James. Honolulu: Advanced Neuro Dynamics. 1991.
  • Zukav, Gary The Seat of the Soul, Order here. The Dancing Wu Li Masters. All Classics of the 70's and shaped a whole generation in understanding an alternative to our competitive and aggressive culture.

Reading List Compiled by Ruth Angela. Not intended to be an endorsement of the material, nor to be comprehensive. Brief synopsis are intended as a guideline in purchasing the book. Books linked to Amazon are from my library.

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