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  • Astrologers:
    • Suzanne Edwards: Gifted reader of the Akashic Record. One of those rare beings who modestly covers a world of talent. Formerly the astrologer to Muktananda Paramahansa in India. Gives key information about past lives that will transform your relationships with those around you today. Why wait? See her awesome web site here:

    • Dan AKA Hermes < dan@kevcom.com > is writing a series of three books about 2012. He now resides in Peru, where he is writing, singing and recording in the ancient sound chambers. Dan also lived in Hawaii where he conducted musical events around the digeridoo and other indigenous instruments. Dan also sends out a Universal Festival Calendar once a month. Sign up at his site. You can see by the quality of his newsletter the type of astrological reading that you can receive through Dan.

    • Ansara Sayers saved my life with her healing skills. Now she teaches EFT with her special brand of insight. Ansara lives in Oregon, but can work in Hawaii or Southern California. She also can heal over the phone.

    • Jade Wah'oo Grigori * Caretaker of 'the Ways.' An authentic Shamanic lineage. Jade Wah'oo received his first Shamanic Initiation in 1956 at 5 yrs of age. His exquisite grasp of Shamanism as it applies to the 21st Century makes him one of the most sought-out Shamans of our time. Jade Wah'oo offers Spiritual Parasite Extraction (evident in all abuse), Soul Retrieval (both Earth Soul & Underworld/Dream Soul), Ceremonies of Empowerment, Peruvian Journeys (Amazon/Auahuasca, Machu Picchu etc) and more... Email: JadeWahoo@Shamanic.net or call: 213-435-7771 For further articles, offerings and itineraries please visit the web site: http://www.shamanic.net Neoarchaic Ecstatic Shamanic Teachings
  • Artists:
    • Cary Lathan Weigand . Talented sculptor and artist from Hawaii. Cary sees the subconscious realms, the 4th dimension, and brings the dream world into a cathartic reality. Her talent is breathtaking. There is no doubt she will be world famous very soon.

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