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Lotus Blessings Newsletter
2nd Edition; Sept 1, 2007

Published every 13 days (trecena) from Encinitas, California

Long Count: Tzolk'in 3 Ik (from:http://www.mayabelize.ca/maya/maya-long-count-generator.shtml) *See note below

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Welcome to the Lotus Blessings Newsletter
My intention in writing this newsletter for you is to provide a forum where you can read some of the highest teachings for this era of human awareness. The idea is to make your spirit sing and to maybe open your awareness even more to the potential for your life. If you choose to send some or all of this newsletter to your friends, feel free, but because of copyright laws, you will need to provide the following: "Copyright to Ruth Angela of Lotus-Blessings.com" Thank you!
For information about the Level 1, Thurs. 13th and 20th September 2007 at MiraCosta College in Encinitas for EFT training, please see http://PainFreeEFT.com
Ruth, Encinitas, California.

by Vickie Baker

  1. You shall not worry, for worry is the most unproductive of all human activities.
  2. You shall not be fearful, for most of the things we fear never come to pass.
  3. You shall not carry grudges, for they are the heaviest of all life's burdens.
  4. You shall face each problem as it comes. You can only handle one at a time anyway.
  5. You shall not take problems to bed with you, for they make very poor bedfellows.
  6. You shall not borrow other people's problems. They can better care for them than you.
  7. You shall not try to relive yesterday for good or ill, it is forever gone. Concentrate on what is happening in your life and be happy now!
  8. You shall be a good listener, for only when you listen do you hear ideas different from your own.
  9. You shall not become "bogged down" by frustration, for 90% of it is rooted in self-pity and will only interfere with positive action.
  10. You shall count your blessings, never overlooking the small ones, for a lot of small blessings add up to a big one.

SLOWLY I TURN --by Eman8tions
When there is a void, disappointment, or sudden shock in my life I get to see what's really inside. I am revealed in those moments.
My conscious self can learn to hide behind high thoughts and purposes. I get pretty good at seeming to myself to have pure and good intentions. It is when God contrives to catch me off guard that I am discovered.
Lately, I must admit, it has been working fairly well. My reflexes have tended to be kindly. But every now and then my righteous wrath sends out a thunderbolt.
That's pretty good though. I'm a lot better than the old days when kindness was the exception. The basic difference is my belief system. It becomes an anchor point, solid ground for my spirit.
I no longer believe that people need to be punished or corrected. People need love and support. Simple. The process is slow but that philosophy induces gradual change as I give myself feedback.
Slowly I turn. (courtesy of PAG News)

Esther Hicks from Ask and it is Given
"Everytime you appreciate something, every time you praise something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe: "More of this please." You need never make another verbal statement of this intent, and if you are mostly in a state of appreciation, all good things will flow to you." (p.146)

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Wisdom in 13?
Every 13 days, a trecena, of the Mayan calendar, if you elect to subscribe, you will see a newsletter in your mailbox. The Mayan calendar, the Tzolkin, according to various interpretations, is based upon the beginning of the universe and the solar system's relationship to the Milky Way Galaxy which in turn is spiraling around a "central sun" with which we are soon to align. This 13 day cycle will align you with the Mayan calendar, creating a link to the great event of 2012 when many cycles come to an end, and we take a big leap up the spiral. (see below) How that will manifest is unclear, but the acceleration of consciousness is happening now as the Tzolkin predicts. We are in for interesting times and adopting the 13, my lucky number, is one way I hope to harmonize with this event.
*Note: The date for this Newsletter is Saturday, Sept 1, 2007, Long Count: Tzolk'in: 3 Ik
( NOTE: If you put the date 22 December 2012 into the Long Count calculator, it will tell you that this is a miscalculation. Such a date does not exist! Should we be concerned? It is less than six years from now. If you put in 21 December 2012, it shows The End. This calendar is said to date from the beginning of the known universe! Does this give you pause? ) More next newsletter.
Aloha from Ruth.
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