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Lotus Blessings Newsletter
2nd Edition; for October 10 and Oct. 23, 2007

Published every 13 days (trecena) from Encinitas, California

Long Count : Tzolk'in 3 Ix (from:http://www.mayabelize.ca/maya/maya-long-count-generator.shtml) *See note below

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Welcome to the Lotus Blessings Newsletter
My intention in writing this newsletter for you is to provide a forum where you can read some of the highest teachings for this era, to make your spirit sing and to maybe open your awareness even more to the potential for your spirit.
For information about Group EFT and the Level 1, Nov. 17, in Encinitas and Thurs. 25th Oct. and Nov. 1st at MiraCosta College in Encinitas for EFT training, please see http://PainFreeEFT.com
Ruth, Encinitas, California.

Rumi is ever new: "Mutual Embrace"

  • The Desire in the female for the male
  • is so that they may perfect each other's work.
  • God put desire in man and woman
  • in order that the world
  • should be preserved by this union.
  • God instills the desire of every part for the other:
  • from their union, creation results.
  • And so night and day are in mutual embrace:
  • they appear to be opposites, even enemies,
  • but the truth they serve is one,
  • each desiring the other like kin,
  • for the perfection of their work.
  • Both serve one purpose, for without nights,
  • human nature would receive no income:
  • what then could day expend? (Mathnawi III, 4414-20 ) from p.165. The Pocket Rumi Reader ed. Kabir Helminski Boston: Shambhala, 2001.

    From Ansara who is my long term friend, life saver, and trusted healer comes this vital insight into how our subtle bodies are always listening and affecting everything in our lives. We think in our limited understanding that we are just a physical body. But in this quantum day and age, we all know that there is nothing 'solid' or really physical except as we perceive it with our senses and construct it with our minds. (Ever read Jonathan Livingston Seagull?) We know that most of what we see is atoms so far removed from every other atom, that we are far more 'etheric' than 'atmonic'.
    Ansara tells a story below of how the body listens and knows beyond our conscious mind.
    When I had major surgery in 96 I had a shortage of blood and did not want a transfusion of other blood. My very enlightened doctor said that I should not worry about bleeding, as she could talk to my body and tell the bleeding to stop. I was impressed that new doctors can do that. Well the bleeding happened, and she told me to stop it, and she said it turned off like a faucet would when the handle is turned. Before the surgery, I had seen Ansara who talked to my body to be ready for the surgery, and to be trusting that all would be well. After the surgery Ansara told my body again to close up and heal. During the actual surgery I had requested the loop tape of "Om Namah Shivaya" be played, which is the great redeeming mantra. My 42 year old doctor at the time had been trying to have a baby, and that very weekend, Mothers' Day, she conceived her first child. Many miracles occurred at that time.
    My body did so well that even now 11 years later, I still never even remember that such a surgery took place. I have had no adhesions or any other problems from this major surgical event. I believe it was a result of all this care of my etheric body.
    October 6, 2007 ANSARA wrote: “It’s important to recognize the fact that a miasm (etheric thought-form) can influence one unduly while being in an unconscious state-of-mind such as while undergoing surgery of any kind.
    I had a case of a woman who had a mastectomy and continued to have pain and problems with the surface healing for two years. The doctors were unable to “help” her and puzzled as to why the wound wouldn’t heal properly. Her healer [Ansara] found that while the doctor was performing her surgery, he had casually mentioned: “It’s no loss. Her breast was too small anyway.” And he had laughed while the body was surgically opened and vulnerable. The body heard this insult.
    It created a "miasm" or thought form within the body that "heard" this information and held on to it, so that the woman's wound was unable to heal after the surgery. This thought-form (miasm) was creating the problem of the weeping and suppuration although the woman was unaware of this callous remark made by the doctor.
    Once the miasm was recognized and removed etherically, the woman experienced healing within two days, and two weeks later she was seeing healthy pink skin forming.
    Not only was the wound weeping and unable to heal, but the loss of her one breast created a “phantom pain” residue which required the reconstruction of an “etheric” breast. Once this was done through the healing process, the woman was able to feel total and whole again.
    I feel certain that EFT can do the same “etheric reconstructive service” for phantom pain and/or miasms. The wording is very important—for instance—“Even though I lost my _____ during the accident/surgery and I still feel pain, I deeply love and accept my loss/self.” This is a good one as it addresses the loss and the loving acceptance, which would automatically heal the broken etheric webbing facilitating a feeling of wholeness again." Ansara.
    We are aware on so many levels that we are not conscious of. I always wonder about these anorexic and bulimic people and what subtle messages they are receiving from their environment that affects their ability to feel "normal." I have also read Dr. Ramachandran from the Salk Institute and UCSD about phantom pain and how it can be resolved by tapping or massage on other parts of the body. Phantom pain is actually 'etheric' pain... which can be easily resolved with EFT. But this is progress and shows how Western doctors are beginning to tune in to the energy body at last. This opens the door to the future of where medicine MUST go if we are to survive this barbaric era of cutting open and brutalizing the sacred temple of the body.
    See more information about Ansara under my Enlightening Links to healers and artists feature above. She is a phenomenal healer unlike anyone I have ever encountered. For a consultation you can contact her at elansara@hotmail.com
    If you have any other interest in the Phantom Body effect please let me know, and I can send some URL's. To me it makes sense of why EFT works so well. Aloha.

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    Wisdom in 13?
    Every 13 days, (this month it was 26 days because I have been travelling!) a trecena, of the Mayan calendar, if you elect to subscribe, you will see a newsletter in your mailbox. The Mayan calendar, the Tzolkin, according to various interpretations, is based upon the beginning of the universe and the solar system's relationship to the Milky Way Galaxy which in turn is spiraling around a "central sun" with which we are soon to align. This 13 day cycle will align you with the Mayan calendar, creating a link to the great event of 2012 when many cycles come to an end, and we take a big leap up the spiral. (see below) How that will manifest is unclear, but the acceleration of consciousness is happening now as the Tzolkin predicts. We are in for interesting times and adopting the 13, my lucky number, is one way I hope to harmonize with this event.
    *Note: The date for this Newsletter is Tues, Oct 23, 2007, Long Count: Tzolk'in 3 Ix
    ( NOTE: If you put the date 22 December 2012 into the Long Count calculator, it will tell you that this is a miscalculation. Such a date does not exist! Should we be concerned? It is less than five years from now. If you put in 21 December 2012, it shows (Long Count: Tzolk'in: 4 Ahaw) The END. This calendar is said to date from the beginning of the known universe 16 Billion years ago. Does this give you pause? ) More next newsletter.
    Aloha from Ruth.
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