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Lotus Blessings Newsletter
2nd Edition; 1st issue: 11 Jan. 2007

Published every 13 days (trecena) from Encinitas, California
Long Count: Tzolk'in 4 Muluk Haab 2 Muwan
Long Count: (from:http://www.mayabelize.ca/maya/maya-long-count-generator.shtml) *See note below

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Welcome to the Lotus Blessings Newsletter
My intention in writing this newsletter for you is to provide a forum where you can read some of the highest teachings for this era of human awareness. The idea is to make your spirit sing and to maybe open your awareness even more to the potential for your life. If you choose to send some or all of this newsletter to your friends, feel free, but because of copyright laws, you will need to provide the following: "Copyright to Ruth Angela of Lotus-Blessings.com" Thank you!
For information about the Level 2 EFT Workshop on 27th & 28th January here in Encinitas for EFT training, please see http://www.lotus-blessings.com/EFT.html
Ruth, Encinitas, California.

"Indrajalamayam vishvan vyastam vaa citrakarmavat/
Bhramad vaa dhyaayatah sarvam pashyatashca sukhodgamah" /
Jaideva Singh(p.92)

"If one perceives the cosmos as mere jugglery conjured up by some magician or as the configuration of a painting, or as illusory as the movement of trees, etc (appearing to people seated on a moving boat), and contemplates deeply over this fact, then he will experience great happiness."
By Singh, Jaideva Vijnanabhairava or Divine Consciousness: A Treasury of 112 types of YogaMotilal Banarsidass: Delhi, 1979. *note: This book is a magical place to browse for glimpses of the way it really IS. It reveals our true nature through the everyday. Of course it was originally in Sanskrit and is truly ancient based on the principles of "Shaivagama" an aspect of non-dual Shaivism whose "goal is not isolation of the Self ...but the integration of the individual Self to the Universal Self or Bhairava and the realization of the universe as the expression of His Shakti or spiritual Energy[sic]."(ix) It has been translated recently, but what is so delightful is the practical, day to day opportunities it offers to experience your TRUE SELF. You can order it from Amazon . Don't be intimidated by the Sanskrit. It is well translated. This was the book my guru was reading right before he left his body... a great treasure. It is DIRECT knowledge.

Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousnessby Itzhak Bentov, who is a biomedical engineer from Czechoslovakia and contemporary colleague of William Tiller of Stanford. He died in the Chicago Airport plane crash in 1979 after visiting Muktananda who had asked him 3 times not to leave. Inspite of this lapse of Bentov's own intuition, Muktananda said of his work that it was all true except for one part. I do not know what that is.
"To summarize, we have seen that the physical body is an instrument that allows us to interact best with our physical environment. This body is interpenetrated by "bodies" or fields having higher vibratory rates. They extend beyond the limits of the physcial body. This is what clairvoyants can perceive as colorful egg-shaped halos or auras, surrounding our physical bodies. They contain a lot of information about us for those who can properly read the meaning of the colors, size, shape, and motion of these bodies. The most strongly visible of them would be the astral body because of the nearness of its vibratory scale to the physical. It is visible at about 18 to 24 inches from the physical body." (p.136)
[ He continues with cute diagrams on the science of the astral body] "We have described a set of bodies made of higher harmonics of the physical body, which interpenetrate our physical body. This mechanism allows us to interact on different levels of consciousness. A few examples may make this clearer.
The basic underlying function of our physical and other bodies is to pick up signals or stimuli, process them, and respond to them. This is what makes up our daily experiences. Suppose now that we visualize ourselves as a radiolike device that is receiving four or five different stations simultaneously. One station will by far overshadow the others in loudness, and among the others there are also differences in their degree of loudness. We can liken the strongest station to the physical reality. Whatever comes in through this channel is heard most strongly, while the other "stations" representing the astral, mental, causal, and spiritual realities are successively weaker. Thus, people whose ears are not very sensitive will hear only the physical station, while people with more refined hearing will hear more of the weaker stations. The important thing to realize is that we are capable of listening to all the sations simultaneously. Our listening to the weaker stations would improve considerably if we could only turn off the loud physical station. This is what we do in sleep, in meditation, or in sensory-deprivation chambers. That the loud physical station is on does not mean that we don't pick up what the other stations are broadcasting. Take, for instance, the sudden attraction or aversion we feel for someone whom we meet for the first time. We pick this up through our emotional band. In the case of sudden attraction, our astral bodies, which extend beyond the physical, resonated in harmony; in the case of aversion, strong dissonances must be been produced..... The weakest station is the spiritual. This is the little voice that tells what is right and what is wrong, the voice of our higher self, our conscience. (p.138 - 139)
Bantam Books, New York: 1977. Stalking the Wild Pendulum may be ordered here.

Chains Rotate
(A poem by a young man who sat next to me on a plane from Austin to San Diego.)
  • The design has been set in place.
  • These chains begin to rotate.
  • The reds and blues ascend in motion
  • From the blackest space to the deepest ocean.
  • Here we go, shifting and changing again.
  • Here we are growing and learning again.
  • We've been placed back in this time for a reason,
  • To relate to and compare events of the season.
  • To examine the past and prepare for the future.
  • But in the end, it's all up to Nature.
(composed by Shamus Sullivan, Poet and Musician, aged 21 from Sacramento, California)

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Wisdom in 13?
Every 13 days, a trecena, of the Mayan calendar, if you elect to subscribe, you will see a newsletter in your mailbox. The Mayan calendar, the Tzolkin, according to various interpretations, is based upon the beginning of the universe and the solar system's relationship to the Milky Way Galaxy which in turn is spiraling around a "central sun" with which we are soon to align. This 13 day cycle will align you with the Mayan calendar, creating a link to the great event of 2012 when many cycles come to an end, and we take a big leap up the spiral. (see below) How that will manifest is unclear, but the acceleration of consciousness is happening now as the Tzolkin predicts. We are in for interesting times and adopting the 13, my lucky number, is one way I hope to harmonize with this event.
*Note: The date for this Newsletter is Thursday, January 11, 2007, Tzolk'in - 4 Muluk
Muluk: "Signals, sign, awakened attention, awareness, understanding, self-remembrance, divine guidance, Godseed, cosmic communication, beacon." from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner, Santa Fe: Bear and Co, 1992.
If you put the date 22 December 2012 into the Long Count calculator, it will tell you that this is a miscalculation. Such a date does not exist! Should we be concerned? It is less than six years from now. If you put in 21 December 2012, it shows The End. This calendar is said to date from the beginning of the known universe! Does this give you pause? ) More next newsletter.
Aloha from Ruth.
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