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Lotus Blessings Newsletter
First Edition; issue 17 Dec. 2006

Published every 13 days (trecena) from Encinitas, California
Long Count: Tzolk'in 5 K'an *See note below

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Welcome to the Lotus Blessings Newsletter
My intention in writing this newsletter for you is to provide a forum where you can read some of the highest teachings for this era of human awareness. The idea is to make your spirit sing and to maybe open your awareness even more to the potential for your life. If you choose to send some or all of this newsletter to your friends, feel free, but because of copyright laws, you will need to provide the following: "Copyright to Lotus-Blessings.com" Thank you!
For information about the Workshop on 18th November here in Encinitas for EFT training, please see http://www.lotus-blessings.com/EFT.html
Ruth, Encinitas, California.

"Awakening to the Obvious" by Mark Canter : I sometimes meditate for pleasure and refreshment, like drinking a delicious tea. And I occasionally enter spontaneous mystic states during meditation. Even so, not any of it is necessary; and none of it is greater than simple happiness. Samadhi or no samadhi, satori or no satori, ego or no ego-there is no limit, already. No dilemma.
Nothing is more than wonderful. This moment is wonderful. Nothing is more than whole. This moment is complete. THIS is as God as it gets. (Mark Canter in a letter to Ruth 2002. http://www.aloha.net/~ruth/MarkCanter.html

"Soul Salves": When I embarked on the practice of daily meditation in 1979, I found a world of bliss. It was a realm in which I could escape the daily frustrations and griefs, the disappointments and hardships of life. My enthusiasm was great. In just half an hour of meditation on the mantra my teacher had given me, I could be bathed in ecstatic waves of peace and harmony. I chose to meditate rather than do many activities and in a way it became an obsession. After a few months of this, I began to feel discomforting stabs and constrictions in various places within my body while meditating. I was dismayed to find that along with meditative bliss and daily insights in the truth of the universe, I would be feeling these gnawing pains that seemed to be in the body, but not of it.
Read how to clear these and many other physical pains permanently and creatively. I was thinking of calling this the "Photoshop Cure" as getting clear of the problem is as much fun as using Photoshop. Well - see if you agree! (Ruth Angela - published 2004 at http://www.lotus-blessings.com/Soul.html )

Paradigm Shifts in Progress (1997) The End of the 20th Century:
In 1997 I created a discussion group at the University of Hawaii to explore the changing paradigms of this age. Professors and instructors joined in and successfully raised the funding to send a member to the Institute of Noetic Sciences for a conference on the future. Below was my contribution to the research and the discussions. Now almost 10 years later, the whispy ideas we saw then, are beginning to take form; not with the establishment indeed, but with more and more of a grassroots population round the world that can be discerned as shaping and forming that mist of the future. Your feedback is welcomed on additions or subtractions, PLEASE .
Compiled by Ruth Trimble for Discussions October 24, 1997


  • * INNER VALUES vs. outer (external ) values,
  • * RESPONSIBILITY to PLANET vs. just nation or self
  • * INDIVIDUAL RELATIONSHIP to the WHOLE vs. isolated self,
  • * AWARENESS of the COMMON GOOD vs. tribal nepotism
  • CONSCIENCE re SELF and SOCIETY vs. no conscience, Me Me
  • * ETHICAL BEHAVIOR and PHILANTHROPY vs. Every man for himself
  • * VALUES of COOPERATION and SOCIAL HARMONY vs. competition and greed,
  • * SYNTHESIS and WHOLE vs. separation and division
  • * CONNECTION to the UNIVERSAL vs. tribe, kin and blood
  • * INTEGRATION/CONNECTION/UNITY of academic DISCIPLINES vs. division, separation, hostility and non-communication,
  • * FLEXIBILITY and ADAPTIVITY from learned principles vs. memorized data
  • * AWARENESS of the multi-dimensional aspects of reality vs. Two or three dimensional outlook
from http://www.aloha.net/~ruth/Shift.html

To the Beloved:

" He Comes to Me?"

By Ruth Angela (c) 1982
  • He comes in sultry sun or while I scrub at scum
  • Alone with me .
  • A deeply warm embrace, a throbbing infinite space
  • Expands within.
  • Magnetically He calls my name, re-establishing His claim
  • upon my heart.
  • As a bubble in a tube will rise, so tears release from my eyes
  • they tumble down.
  • Filled, sated, overflowing cheer, my burning heart responds, "He's here."
  • Belove'd one.
  • My ancient love, always true, comes in scintillating blue
  • irridescence .
  • In His heart, I weep and sigh. "Hush" He says, "Do not cry.
  • We are all ONE."
  • I enter bliss; Time disappears. A quiet thunder's all I hear;
  • I am No ONE.

(composed sometime in 1980 by Ruth Angela )
Heard today in a casual conversation." Seeing is believing; and Believing is seeing."

Wisdom in 13?
Every 13 days, a trecena, of the Mayan calendar, if you elect to subscribe, you will see a newsletter in your mailbox. The Mayan calendar, the Tzolkin, according to various interpretations, is based upon the beginning of the universe and the solar system's relationship to the Milky Way Galaxy which in turn is spiraling around a "central sun" with which we are soon to align. This 13 day cycle will align you with the Mayan calendar, creating a link to the great event of 2012 when many cycles come to an end, and we take a big leap up the spiral. How that will manifest is unclear, but the acceleration of consciousness is happening now as the Tzolkin predicts. We are in for interesting times and adopting the 13, my lucky number, is one way I hope to harmonize with this event.
*Note: The date for this Newsletter is Sunday 17th December, 2006 ... or Long Count: Tzolk'in: 5 K'an ("Seed, seding manifestation, self-germination, cration, fertile ground, gestation, opening, erupting possibility." from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner, Santa Fe: Bear and Co, 1992 ).
Aloha from Ruth.
Look for the next edition of Lotus-Blessings' Newsletter in 13 days

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