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Healing Testimonials
Testimonials from people who have received some benefit from EFT and my healing abilities.
    EFT Classes:
  • December 17, 2006.
    Hi Ruth!
    I am writing to thank you again for your class yesterday. It was just what I had hoped for!! You were so organized and well prepared (imagine having the certificates ready to distribute at the end of the class(!)) and made us Yuen folks feel really welcome.
    J R
  • I sometimes have to stop and think about the speed at which I'm moving and realize it all started with the EFT clearing. I still have no idea what was blocking me but I don't care...it's gone! You have my permission to share this story if you like. If other's can see that EFT could clear up my mess...anything is possible!
    SK Encinitas, CA. March 2008.
  • Yes, the instructor knew her subject, was well prepared and organized, and was very enthusiastic and positive towards the students. I valued the class.
  • From a Healing Client:
    S. P. : Arkansas:
    "The healing you did on me was totally fantastic!!! And the amazing part is that it worked right away. And my energy was stronger right away, too. I am eternally grateful for what you have done. I hope many more will discover you, and profit from your expertise. You are an angel!" (December 2006)
  • Edited for personal content testimonial from a Kundalini Coach Client.

    • I thank you Ruth from the bottom of my heart and soul for helping me! Always a gift when someone takes the time and effort to help a lost soul! Actually i cannot think of a much greater gift to give.. than to give people back to themselves. Too many "healers" are more busy making buisness.. than to help, i feel blessed that God has enough respect for me to lead me on your doorstep, it is a honor to meet a true spiritual healer.. with a pure heart.. nothing less could have helped me so much. ( Danish Kundalini Coach client 2008).

    • Thank you so much for your help and profound insight, both energetic and otherwise. It's wonderful to finally talk with someone who can relate to what I'm going through and who isn't trying to convince me I'm completely nuts (or trying to medicate me into oblivion). Many thanks to you (as well as to your guru and the goddess Kundalini), G.
      Kundalini Client from U.S.A. March 2008.

    • " I'm grateful for the healing which you performed on my etheric body. I sure feel a great relief. It was not at all difficult to understand the issues which you identified and the methods which you used for healing. I find that as I continue this journey, things that seemed ridiculous or outrageous to me not too long ago, now feel like the most perfectly natural things. "
      FN Kundalini Client. Singapore, March 2009.

    • Thank you Ruth,
      You have been so helpfull. So was Dear Muktananda. And Nityananda. I am glad I wrote you. I am glad you answered. I remember now that I had hundreds of signs in my child hood that I was going to have this experience. And the time came.And now I am ready and without fear. Thank you pure soul Ruth.It was M** made this connection between you an I. thank you
      H from Turkey (Kundalini Coach client) (June 2006)

    • A big Thank you to you Ruth for your report. I have felt an immediate benefit from your report. I feel motivated to work on the physical clearing again. I have done so much of this in the past recently I had lost the oomph for such routines,. I am hopeful about this right./Side left balance and integration. Ok doky. Many Bright Blessings to you and well wishes for your new website and your new work with Kundalini coaching.
      K C. from England (Kundalini Coach Client May, 2007)

    • Kundalini Coach Client March, 2007.
      Dear Ruth,
      thank you very much for your kind words and for your willingness of sharing some time with me. Today, when I was working I felt suddenly lots of energies running through my body. I had the feeling to look for your mail. When I found your mail I was very happy. By reading it the energies just went stronger and tonight on my way home my body was vibrating and my fingers shaking. I laid down and was totally tired. But now I feel great again.. having had some time of rest.

      R. Client for Kundalini Coach from Germany

    Names and identities have been hidden for obvious reasons.
  • From a Newsletter Reader:
    "I love it! love it! love it! I love reading your newsletter! It is so wonderful, when if feel sad, and I read you letter i feel as if you are sitting write[sic] here with me! I love it! c".

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