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Wisdom of the Ages:
Wisdom: "The state of discerning what is right or true. Wisdom is simply a deep understanding of what is universally true and eternal. Wisdom is understanding of the heart and is actually 'Self knowledge'."
(courtesy of Rev. Lloyd Strom and Rev. Marcia Sutton.)

The ancient scriptures of India contain thousands of years of knowledge of the esoteric, the mystical and the metaphysical aspects of human existence. The sages and rishis of the past explored the cosmic realms through meditation (Dhyan:) and from their caves or ashramas,seated on their asanas throughout India or the Himalayas, they reached into the secrets of the essence of all life. They touched the outer reaches of what is possible for human beings to know without ever leaving their meditation postures. Today our scientists and physicists are just now beginning to touch on this same knowledge through instruments, through advanced understandings of the quantum level of all life. The two seekers-- the one through meditation and inner exploration of the heart, the other through mentation and the external exploration of science and theory, have joined at this special time at the end of the Kali Yuga. What a time to be alive! For in the age of darkness, little is known about our divine connection to All that Is. We are in darkness and living like blind fools in the night. We cannot feel our divinity, we cannot know the truth. Many seek for the truth and the task is daunting. Much must be over come, much has to be battled and fought, and great discipline is required.

But now the story is changing. We are emerging from the dark throes of ignorance. The truth has been scattered wider, the light has been getting brighter. The truth is less and less difficult to find.

For me this light came in 1979 in the form of an awakening to my divine self through Shaktipat from M* [tm] Paramahansa. I visited a meditation center one fateful Friday the 13th and there I found the most amazing bliss. I found my connection to all the stars; I found myself as a transcendent being. I have never been the same. I have never been so lost and alone since then. I found the connection to everything... I found the quantum level of my being where a fly that landed on my arm and I were one.

Since this awakening event, I have studied many great texts to see where the truth lies in them, to discover the resonances of my own being in these scriptures. These essays are just a small number of the great messages that have come from the scriptures passed down from the wise rishis of the past. I hope you will find them uplifting and encouraging. The Earth life is confusing until we begin to understand ourselves and our universe a little better.

It is my sincere wish and hope that you will find these not only en-light-ening, but also heart-ening in that you remember who you are, and you feel the resonance with the divine that is everyone's birthright. For the truth is that we are no different than God except for the mind that tells us this. Our life is the flow of God's will; we are an inexorable part of that flow, and yet how we perceive it can make the difference between heaven and hell. I hope to bring you a little whisper of the bliss that is who you are.

Nothing I can do or say here could be possible without the circulation of the will of God moving through my hands and my mind and my heart. I call this energy "Shakti" who is the female aspect of divinity. Through these essays I hope you have a awareness of your own Shakti and thus your own divinity. I could not write this without the help of my teachers, guides and the panoply of divine beings who express through me every day.

To all my teachers and guides, my muses and my inspirations -- I thank you--deeply.
Daya Ruth

Essay #1: The Pratyabhinjnahrdayam : The Secret of Self Recognition. By Jaideva Singh Original Essay by Ruth Angela:

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