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Wisdom: "The state of discerning what is right or true. Wisdom is simply a deep understanding of what is universally true and eternal. Wisdom is understanding of the heart and is actually 'Self knowledge'."
(courtesy of Rev. Lloyd Strom and Rev. Marcia Sutton.)

Since my Kundalini awakening in 1979, I have studied many great texts to see where the truth lies in them, to discover the resonances of my own being in these scriptures. These essays are just a small sample of the great messages to us that have come from the scriptures passed down from the wise rishis and teachers. It is my sincere wish and hope that you will find these not only en-light-ening, but also heart-ening in that you remember who you are, and you feel the rsonance with the divine that is everyone's birthright. For the truth is that we are no different than God except for a separating mind that fools us into ignorance. Our life is the flow of God's will; we are an inexorable part of that flow, and yet how we perceive it can make the difference between heaven and hell. I hope to bring you a little whisper of the bliss that is who you are. See below.

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Article #1 . August 2006 The Pratyabhijnahrdayam : The Secret of Self-Recognition by Jaideva Singh. Delhi:Motilal Banarsidass, 1963.
Article #2 . September 2006 Huna: The Philosophy of the Hawaiians
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